Our Survey Team




Chris Desmond is Founder & Director of the 10,000 Islands Dolphins Project. A Master Mariner, he both oversees all aspects of the study while working on-board with its Survey Teams. He serves on the Advisory Committee of International Eco-Tourism Society’ 2010 Conference is a member of Ashoka. He is the curator and host of TEDxNaples.




Kent Morse is Resident Naturalist and Manager of Photo-identification / Data Analysis for the Project. An Award winning Naturalist and University of Ohio graduate, he attended the University of Florida’s Master Naturalist Program and is a Certified Interpretive Guide. Kent has worked in Alaska and Sea of Cortez as Lead Naturalist.




James Livaccari is a Biologist and Researcher for the Dolphin Project. A graduate from the University of New Orleans, he is currently working towards his Masters in Environmental Science at Florida Gulf Coast University. He has a strong background in estuaries and habitat.




Kristen Fronehlich is a 2010 Marine Biologist graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University. She will intern at MOTE Marine Labs this Fall and then return to the Dolphin Explorer




Rachael Miner is a 2008 Marine Biologist graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University. Rachael is also a high school science teacher within Lee County.