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Meet Our Survey Team

Our naturalists and captain are all knowledgeable and experienced guides!

James Livaccari

a man wearing a hat


James is our Marine Biologist who was with the team from 2008-2014. He left the area for a while but returned with a passion to educate the public about our dolphin population. He is a father of 3 and his wife Nikki also works with the team as well!

Cathy Price

a person who is smiling and looking at the ocean

Cathy is a nurse by profession but is also the team’s database manager and reservationist. She loves people and enjoys teaching guests about our program. She cracks the whip on the team to assure that all data is correct.

Bob McConville


Bob McConville is a Florida Master Naturalist and author of two books. He enjoys contributing nature articles to a local paper, Coastal Breeze News, and is a regular speaker at several venues throughout South Florida. Grateful for the knowledge and time that others have dedicated to him, Bob is always happy to return the favor by delivering a passionate tour for his guests.

Eddie Farr


Captain Eddie is originally from Athens Georgia and is a certified Coast Guard Captain.  He obtained his Master of Science Education degree from Mercer University, specializing in Marine Ecosystems, Biology and Environmental Science. Eddie served as a Dolphin Physiology and Behavior Instructor at the Human-Dolphin Institute in Panama City Beach, Florida. He is an important addition to our research team.