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Meet Our Dolphins

We use photo identification to keep track of the dolphins in the area. Read more about dolphin habits and our dolphin friends below!

Bonding: Young dolphins form strong bonds with their moms, staying with them for three to five years. They begin to catch their own fish after six months, but normally continue to nurse for 18 to 24 months. Mothers do not share their fish.

Eating: Dolphins eat between 10 to 30 pounds of fish daily… and not particular as to what kind of fish. Moms with calves eat 50% more because of nursing. Given they have cone shaped teeth, they normally swallow fish whole.

Socializing: Calves (aged six months and up) and sub-adults (ages five to 11) are very active, social, and playful. Calves are often observed leaping playfully with their moms. Sub- adults often leap together in play and socially.

Halfway & Wyatt


Born in the fall of 2016, Wyatt is the 5th known offspring of adult female Halfway.

Kona, Simon, & Kaya


2 of our big males flip Kaya in the air. This type of social activity is common among our dolphins.

Destiny & Irma


Irma was born in September 2017 and named after the hurricane that hit Marco Island. This is Destiny’s first calf.



This adult female does not have a calf by her side currently, but she has an 11 year old daughter named Jing Jing.

Jing Jing & Jordan


Jing Jing and Jordan. Dialogue: Jing Jing’s first calf was born in September, 2017. That makes Sydney a grandmother!